The Trial Innovation Network is now accepting proposals for Network Projects, and will launch early projects designed to build the major elements of the Network, provide key performance metrics, and develop a pipeline of future clinical trials and studies. Another key goal is to build partnerships with NIH Institutes and Centers, the scientific community, and other stakeholders through the Network Projects.

Investigators can leverage the Trial Innovation Network by submitting Level 1 or Level 2 Network Project Proposals. Level 1 Network Project Proposals would include requests for basic services and consultations and Level 2 Network Project Proposals include comprehensive consultations and potential study implementation. The online proposal submission portal opened Wednesday Nov. 16, 2016 and to date nine proposals have been submitted from seven different CTSA Program Hubs. Subsequent proposal submission cycles are expected to have a shorter timeframe from review to decision. Proposals are being accepted on a rolling basis even after December 7th when the pilot phase closes.

The Trial Innovation Network encourages investigators from the CTSA Hubs to visit the website to learn more about how to submit Network Project Proposals. The Trial Innovation Network also invites the scientific community, participants, providers, and NIH and other stakeholders to visit the Trial Innovation Network website to learn more about the Network.


CTSA Program Hubs That Have Submitted Proposals
Columbia University (multiple)
Johns Hopkins University
New York University (multiple)
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Rockefeller University
Scripps Research Institute (multiple)
Tufts University (multiple)
University of California, San Diego (multiple)
University of Colorado
University of Kansas (multiple)
University of Kentucky
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
University of Pennsylvania (multiple)
University of Utah (multiple)
Vanderbilt University (multiple)
Wake Forest