As part of the Trial Innovation Network, the Trial Innovation Center (TIC) central IRBs will utilize the SMART IRB Reliance Agreement and the SMART IRB Letter of Indemnification for Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University to establish the terms of reliance between institutions, and the SMART IRB Exchange to support single IRB review of all Network studies.


What is the SMART IRB Exchange?

The SMART IRB Exchange is an IT platform, supported by the Duke/Vanderbilt TIC, used to initiate IRB reliance for a given study, as well as to document ongoing IRB approvals for the study, promote transparency, and facilitate communication.

Who has access?

After signing the SMART IRB Exchange Operator Agreement, an IRB point of contact is given access to the IT platform. User access is then managed by the local institution. Currently, the platform is only accessible to IRB personnel, as delegated by the IRB point of contact, and as needed by Trial Innovation Center personnel. Access will be expanded to study team personnel at institutions in the first quarter of 2017.

Resources and Tools

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Partner Institutions

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Have questions about the SMART IRB Exchange?

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