• Engage the DTF (e.g. Collaboration and Community Engagement and Bioinformatics )leadership to leverage resources available at Hubs
  • Engage the Collaboration and Community Engagement Cores at each CTSA Hub to identify strategies and resources used to facilitate successful recruitment and retention of minority persons in clinical trials
  • Develop written content describing WG charge and other details to be published on the Trial Innovation Network website
  • Leverage CTSA Hub Representatives to identify and engage a Patient and Community Representative as a full participating member on the WG

Long Term Goals 

  • Finalize and implement stakeholder engagement plan
  • Create a framework to operationalize the engagement plan
  • Develop performance metrics for the Patients, Providers, Public Working Group
  • Identify existing resources to support engagement in Network; identify gaps in resources and suggest strategies for meeting needs
  • Work with other Network WGs to develop strategies to engage patients/providers/public
  • Fully integrate Community Members selected by the PPP WG into the PAT sub-committee and NEC as members

Performance Metrics 

  • Proposed engagement metrics include the number of Trial Innovation studies that receive input from research question from the non-research stakeholders and penetration of the Network into the non-research community and measuring the effectiveness of the communication plan(s)
  • Finalized engagement plan that is informed by non-research stakeholders.